Have you heard of the European Massage Championships?

Avez-vous entendu parler des Championnats d’Europe de massage ?

There are passions that give rise to competition. Massage is one of them.

Much more than your work, massage is a true art of living , which is growing day by day thanks to the appearance of new massage methods, each more innovative than the last.

As a massage and well-being professional, you know: working in contact with other institutes can only do good!

So why not go even further by participating in the 2024 European Massage Championships, which will take place this year in Italy, more precisely in Rome?

Beauty Finder tells you everything!

Championships that bring together many passionate professionals

Much more than a simple competition, the European Massage Championships are a golden opportunity to learn and discover countless new massage methods.

In fact, each year, more than a hundred participants come to the workshops and the competition , to create links with other massage professionals.

These professionals are truly passionate, who come there to learn and to teach. The European Massage Championships take place from May 24 to 26, 2024 in Rome, exactly at Piazza Guglielmo Marconi.

Participants will then be able to present their favorite massage methods , as well as the holistic and unique approach to massage that they love.

What is really great about this competition is that there are more than a hundred masseurs and masseuses . They come from all countries of the world, they put different massage methods in the spotlight... But a common trait unites them all: they are passionate .

For them as for you, massage is not just a discipline. It is an art of living , an art of understanding life , a vision of things. And they want to share this know-how.

This is what makes the European Massage Championships such an enriching meeting for all massage and well-being professionals!

europe massage championships 2024

How do the Championships take place?

The Championships take place over 3 days . This year it's from May 24 to 26 in Rome. Last year it was in the splendid city of Nice.

Open to all massage professionals around the world, these championships are organized in several stages.

During the first day, you will be able to attend different workshops, led by massage professionals who act as teachers .

During these workshops, you will be able to learn new massage techniques , or a completely new approach from one or more continents. These workshops, both theoretical and practical , are a great experience, which will allow you to create links with other enthusiasts like you.

The competition takes place on the second and third days. First, the championship, then the final which generally brings together 5 finalists competing in front of an international jury and an audience.

The competitions are grouped into several categories, so that masseurs can compete against professionals from their world, with the same massage affinities. A real challenge that takes place with joy and good humor!

europe massage championships 2024

And Beauty Finder, in all this?

The European Massage Championships are a moment out of time. For 3 days, massage professionals rub shoulders with other enthusiasts, sharing their experience and know-how.

More pragmatically, in addition to being a meeting marked by serenity and fulfillment , these championships are a very good opportunity to discover new brands of care and cosmetics!

Participants can come with their own products, which allows them to exchange their impressions on the various brands, scrubs , massage oils and treatments that they use.

And as you can imagine: one of the Dénicheur de Beauté brands will be on the Italian scene, to allow participants to massage in the best conditions... Stay tuned: we'll tell you more in the months that follow!