Treat yourself even more with the 6+1 rule on Dénicheur de Beauté

Faites-vous toujours plus plaisir avec la règle du 6+1 sur Dénicheur de Beauté

6+1 means happiness at Dénicheur de Beauté. You know it: your Clean Beauty platform for professionals always thinks of what is best for you.

And in this freezing month of January, we said to ourselves that you really needed a little balm for your heart! What could be better, to please and warm you from the inside, than to give yourself a little gift?

Come on, let’s explain the 6+1 rule to you!

The 6+1, the gift of cosmetics for professionals on Dénicheur de Beauté

6+1 is simple and you may have already understood it. When you buy 6 identical resale format products, we 'll give you one!

And this rule is valid for all Green Spa products.

Which means that if you buy an Apricot scrub , an Oud & Sandalwood eau de parfum or a Green Tea butter , the 6+1 applies.

So by purchasing 6 Green Spa body treatments in resale format and of the same scent, you can simply add the “ 6+1” option to your basket, and you will receive 7.

A great offer to replenish your stocks and calmly prepare for the arrival of spring!

6+1 cosmetics

With us, 6+1=8!

You will have understood: with the 6+1 offer on our organic and natural cosmetics , you order 6 and you receive 7 in resale format (180 mL).

But that's not all ! You know us: at Dénicheur de Beauté, we always go further.

In addition to this lovely gift, we are also offering you 1 travel size of 30 mL in the chosen scent!

So here again, you will receive a 30 mL Apricot scrub, or a 30 mL Oud & Santal eau de parfum, or even a 30 mL Green Tea butter, if you choose the 6+1 offer.

Enough to replenish your stocks, have scents, textures tested ... In short, everything you need to make your daily life simpler.

Take advantage now!