Discover the soft fleece of the beautiful Green Spa treatment towels!

Découvrez le moelleux molletonné des belles serviettes de soin Green Spa !

At Dénicheur de Beauté, we work hard every day to find you the most beautiful nuggets of Clean Beauty . And sometimes, they are right under our noses!

Exactly like with the incredible fleece towels that Green Spa is about to release, and which will take relaxation up an extra notch during your treatments.

Well no, you didn't dream: Green Spa will indeed release a range of treatment towels , designed to perfectly fit the shape of your massage table in order to offer extra softness to your clients.

Come on, we’ll tell you everything about it!

A towel that has it all on the treatment table

The new Green Spa towel is a whole set of figures that will make you happy: beautiful dimensions of 120 cm x 200 cm, for a density of 500 grams per m² . In other words: the towel will be large and very soft , for your greatest happiness.

The reason why the towels will be so large is simply because we know that massage tables can also be very large. And you need a treatment napkin that covers the entire table, to create a beautiful, even effect that customers love.

So this will be a real advantage. Without forgetting that, made of a soft and cocooning textile , the towels will have an ideal softness which will give them the impression of lying on a cloud. What more could you ask for to receive all the relaxation of your treatments?

A true element of luxury and comfort, the beautiful Green Spa towel will adapt to all interiors, by its dimensions but also by its design . Indeed, you will love its minimalist simplicity: a large black fleece towel , with white embroidery with the Green Spa logo.

And that's all ! Because sometimes the best relaxation is the simplest.

spa towels

The ecological care towel down to the end of the fibers

A good quality, comfortable and soft towel... That's good, but what about its ecological footprint ? As you know, at Dénicheur de Beauté this is something we monitor very closely!

First of all, know that these beautiful Green Spa spa towels are made in Portugal , from an environmentally friendly textile . Hand-embroidered, they are therefore designed in accordance with all the brand's ecological requirements.

Then, the textile is also thick because Green Spa's objective was also to offer you a spa towel that lasts over time. And I might as well tell you that it’s done!

It does not wear out over time and is designed to withstand all the oils and butters that you will apply during treatments.

What more could you ask for to respect your ecological commitments , too?

When will we be able to receive Green Spa towels in the institute? 😍

A true cocoon of softness, Green Spa towels will be available from the end of February / beginning of March . The planned price will probably be 49.90 euros per unit and can be explained by the European quality and optimal durability of the products.

Artisanal embroidery, minimalist design, superior quality and incomparable comfort : the Green Spa treatment towel is everything you dreamed of, only better!