An incredible shoot with Green Spa massage oils

Un shooting incroyable avec les huiles de massage Green Spa

At Dénicheur de Beauté, our purpose is to find the latest gems.

This is the case for the cosmetic brands we work with, such as Green Spa.

But this is also the case for beauty professionals ! Our daily objective is to surround ourselves with passionate professionals, who love their work and share our values ​​and concerns.

This is how we met Julien, a passionate masseur who shares his massage methods on his Instagram account Myfrenchmassage.

And with Julien, the flow immediately passed. Ecological concerns, holistic care , massages in splendid places… We therefore decided to introduce him to our favorite brand of massage oils : Green Spa.

A meeting on the heights of Nice

Julien had already heard of Green Spa oils , but had never had the opportunity to test their velvet texture, the one that makes these oils essential for massage professionals.

So, we asked ourselves: what better way for a masseur to test oils than during a massage?

We submitted the idea to Julien, who was very enthusiastic: it was good timing, he actually had a shoot planned a few days later.

Neither one nor two, we board the train, heading towards Nice!

We meet Julien, Cyrielle (in charge of the photo shoot) and Mathieu (the lucky model for the massage) at 3 p.m. The place is absolutely sublime, with a breathtaking view of the Promenade des Anglais, from the Colline du Château over Nice.

Despite the overcast weather, everyone is in a radiant mood: Julien can't wait to test the Green Spa oils, and we can't wait to admire his original massage techniques.

Preparing a holistic and natural massage

Once his massage table is installed, Julien gets ready. For this renowned masseur , concentration and involvement are essential during a massage. Exactly what is needed to provide Mathieu with holistic care!

Once Julien is ready, it's time to pull out the beautiful Green Spa oils.

We chose to start with the brand's new range, a natural range composed of 3 captivating scents: Melon-Mango, Tiare Flower and Patchouli & Spices follow one another in the expert hands of Julien.

Julien takes a liking to the Melon-Mango scent, the perfect marriage between deliciousness and freshness, ideal for summer and fall. Cocooning and airy, it's her favorite scent for this first session!

Then, during the second session, we release some key scents from the Green Spa organic range. In our travel bag: the romantic and floral scent Poudrée , the summer scent Monoï , the masculine and musky scent Oud & Santal, and of course the sunny scents of the Ambrée edition .

Taking Mathieu on a real olfactory journey through the seasons, Julien is convinced: Green Spa massage oils are a gem of Clean Beauty!

green spa massage oils

The closing of a complete sensory experience

Two hours after our meeting, Julien announces to his team that the shooting is finished. Satisfied by the oils , the shots and Mathieu's relaxation , he packed up the equipment and explained to us how pleasant massaging with oils of such quality was.

As night falls slowly on the Promenade des Anglais, Julien also explains to us that in addition to the 2 hours of shooting, we will need to allow around 2 to 3 additional hours to edit, in order to obtain perfect videos for his networks .

And when we look at his Instagram feed, we understand why: such quality necessarily requires work!

Once the equipment is put away, we meet around a hot chocolate to exchange our impressions and ideas. A brainstorming session which will prove to be very productive, since it is the cradle of the next innovation of the Green Spa brand.

Stay tuned…