The sales have arrived at Dénicheur de Beauté!

Les soldes sont arrivées chez Dénicheur de Beauté !

That's it, it's January, it's cold, it's painful, the days are the same... Fortunately, to raise morale, there are sales .

And at Dénicheur de Beauté, we take the winter sales very seriously! We have chosen to put most of your favorite items on sale, to allow you to buy them in large quantities and restock your stocks for the arrival of spring (yes, soon, we promise).

In all areas and for all preferences, discover the full extent of the winter sales at Dénicheur de Beauté.

Irresistible promotions on Green Spa body care

First things first: it’s super cold.

Which means that your pretty skin (and that of your clients) necessarily suffers from dehydration , or even small cracks. What a horror: a problem that should not be taken lightly to avoid it lasting.

This is why we chose to sell the beautiful Rose Fleur de Coton range from Green Spa, to take care of your body. You will find a superb reduction on the Rose Fleur de Coton butter and on the Rose Fleur de Coton scrub , to exfoliate before deeply moisturizing .

All this, with a beautiful romantic and floral scent, which you will undeniably love. Exactly what you need to take care of your skin, and offer discounted treatments to your customers!

The Beauty Spotter’s little extra:

Oh yes, and since it's not just relaxation that counts in salon treatments, we've thought of everything: take advantage of our offer on oriental hair removal wax with its traditional recipe.

Offers on Clever Beauty varnishes, for top nail beauty

Hand beauty , even in winter, is essential. The beauty of the feet a little less, since we can't see them, as they are wrapped up in socks. But still!

We said to ourselves that to counter the harmful effects of the cold, we would add a little heat to your hands and those of your clients. That's why we sold beautiful warm colors offered by Clever Beauty , the ideal brand for non-toxic varnishes.

For example, you will have the choice between a raspberry burgundy or a bright red ... And of course, we have also thought about care: between the raspberry-colored vitamin care and the 3-in-1 nude care varnish , you have something to take care of from you.

winter sales

Everything for facial care and beauty, at a low price!

Body skin is done: you have what you need to take care of it. But what about the skin on the face, the one most exposed to cold, freezing winds and rain?

Don't worry: we have everything you need there too! Whether for skin care with oOlution's Glow Up face cream , and even for eye beauty.

Clever Beauty delights us again with its refillable Invincible mascara enriched with castor oil or its Noir Intense eye pencil , which will allow you to create beautiful makeup , even in negative temperatures.

Beauty at reduced prices is also for men

Makeup, nail polish... We're not going to lie: our sales are very geared towards women's care and beauty. But we also thought of your male customers!

If you know Dénicheur de Beauté, you know that we are in active collaboration with the splendid brand Sapiens. Sapiens offers styling, beard and facial products, designed by men, for men. And of course, as always, these are natural and organic products.

You will discover, for example, the softness of the face and beard moisturizer , the virility of the shaving gel or the effectiveness of the exfoliating face mask , for your greatest happiness.

winter sales

Solid and organic soaps, for your greatest pleasure

Finally, we also thought of you and the little gifts you want to give your customers. And for that, we said to ourselves that selling Sapiens solid soaps was a great idea. This way, you can offer them to them to enhance their daily life.

And in terms of scents, you are spoiled for choice between Wild Forest solid soap and its woody scent, Aloe Relax which relaxes and the spring beauty of Lemon Haze .

The sales at Dénicheur de Beauté are everything you need, whatever you want! And of course, at a low price.