Spa labels: finding the right Spa in France with the Lotus classification

Labels spas : trouver le bon Spa de France avec la classification Lotus

At Dénicheur de Beauté, we know the reality on the ground. Whether from your point of view as a relaxation professional, or from the point of view of your clients .

For example, we know that choosing a spa is not an easy task. And we also know that every customer is looking for an optimal well-being experience.

And we realized that the best way to provide a guarantee of quality to customers was through a label ! But only a quality label, like Spas de France.

Let us tell you about our latest escapade.

We visited a wonderful spa with the Spas de France label, and the experience was so perfect that it made us realize how crucial it is to choose the right spa.

The label is a bit like a lighthouse in the mist, guiding customers to the best relaxation establishments. Come on, we’ll tell you everything about this beautiful label!

Everything you need to know about the Spas de France label

The Spas de France label is not only a recognition of quality, it is an assurance of living an unrivaled relaxation experience.

This label perfectly illustrates how a good label can help customers find the spa that suits them best , thanks to a well-thought-out quality scale. In addition to a very demanding quality charter, the Spas de France label is known for offering a classification of its spas.

He calls it the Lotus classification.

Imagine Lotus flowers, symbols of purity and renewal , which evaluate the quality of spas.

From 3 to 5 Lotus, this classification reflects the level of quality , equipment and service of each spa. Discover all the essential information on the Lotus classification!

The Lotus classification, to identify the ideal spa

The Lotus classification is the external indicator that allows customers to know what level of quality they can expect. But it is also done according to the different types of spas, because we cannot evaluate hotel spas and thermal spas on the same criteria.

Beauty Finder tells you everything!

Lotus classification

The different types of spas

To make its scale as realistic as possible, the Spas de France label has differentiated between several types of spas.

Hotel spas

These luxurious establishments offer themed stays with personalized treatments. Even if you are not staying there, you can enjoy their high-end services.

Urban spas

Perfect for a wellness break in the city , these spas are perfect for a few hours of relaxation without having to leave the urban hustle and bustle.

Cottage spas

For those who prefer outdoor accommodation, these spas offer superb balneotherapy areas, combining nature and relaxation.

Marine or Thermal spas

Depending on your preferences, mountain or sea, these spas use the natural benefits of water for a unique well-being experience.

Lotus classification criteria

Once the type of spa has been identified, all that remains is to apply the different criteria. These obviously vary depending on the nature of the spa, but overall, here is what the Lotus classification is based on:

  • Service quality
  • Refinement of decoration
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Privatization of spaces
  • Equipment
  • Polysensoriality
  • Diversity of care
  • Staff training
  • Additional services
  • Each spa meets the 20 criteria of the Spas de France quality charter and undertakes to respect 4 fundamental commitments: personalized welcome, decor and comfort, quality equipment, and qualified staff.

    Lotus classification

    Annual quality control by Spas de France

    Each spa labeled Spas de France is obviously subject to an annual quality control, carried out by an independent firm, based on customer satisfaction feedback.

    Because the Spas de France label is a long-term commitment: it is essential to ensure that each spa meets expectations over the years, and that there is no letting go!

    The number of Lotuses, a good indicator of quality

    Finally, you should know that the number of Lotus flowers assigned to each spa (from 3 to 5) indicates the general level of quality and equipment of the center.

    Prices are also linked to this classification, with 3 Lotus for good quality , 4 for very good quality , and 5 Lotus for exceptional quality.

    Obtain the Spas de France label by choosing the right aesthetic supplier!

    To summarize, the Lotus classification of the Spas de France Label is the customers' compass for finding the ideal spa. And it is also a very good criterion for identifying the strong points and weak points of your massage center, in search of constant improvement.

    At Dénicheur de Beauté, we are proud to collaborate with establishments labeled Spas de France which combine quality, comfort and well-being.

    Nothing better than Clean Beauty to meet all quality expectations!

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