oOlution, beauty Made in France without concession

With our bags on our backs and motivation in our hearts, at Dénicheur de Beauté, we traveled across France in search of the nuggets of Clean Beauty.

And because we also judge by experience, there is no question of committing to brands whose products we do not know! So we asked to try it.

Again and again.

And we can tell you that we have seen body and face creams come and go ! But every time we took a look at the composition, it was the same: only unpronounceable names, of dubious origin.

Until Oolution .

No compromise, no gray area: with Oolution, we have chosen natural beauty without concession!

With Oolution, there is no longer any question of making compromises!

Since 2010, Oolution has been delighting all skin types with natural creams , without filler ingredients and with varied active ingredients.

Following a long experience in a large cosmetics group, the founder of Oolution, Anne-Marie Gabelica, got fed up.

She got tired of finding general creams that were supposed to fix everything for everyone.

But which, in reality, did nothing at all except dry out the skin.

Because you probably know: what applies to everyone, actually applies to no one.

This is how Oolution was born. A very extensive range of facial treatments, with nearly 65 natural active ingredients per treatment, to suit all skin types and all needs!

With new formulas, Oolution's clean care products are a game-changer in everyday beauty.

A brand with resplendent eco-responsible values

And the planet in all this?

As always with the selections of the little treasures of Dénicheur de Beauté , the planet is at the center of all attention!

Because in addition to respecting your skin, Oolution treatments also respect the environment .

Organic , 100% natural , vegan, Made in France , palm oil free, returnable… The facial creams and treatments are composed of a unique diversity of plants, which reflect the deep values ​​of the brand.

Because taking care of yourself, yes.

Taking care of others, with pleasure!

But always taking care of the planet.

The huge plus of Oolution:

Creams available with or without fragrance. Because the brand knows that some customers are sensitive to smells (and so are you, for that matter). This way, you are spoiled for choice!