Our history

At Dénicheur de Beauté, our DNA is your satisfaction.

Always on the lookout for the most sparkling nuggets of Clean Beauty, we provide you with an incredible network of the best French beauty brands.

Between respect for the body, respect for the environment and a high-end quality charter, with Dénicheur de Beauté, travel across France in search of the most inspiring French brands.

Our goal: to bring you on a golden platter everything you are looking for for your beauty salon.

The birth of Dénicheur de Beauté

As always, Dénicheur de Beauté is rooted in awareness. An awareness followed by a fed up, it must be said.

Tired of brands that offer products with dubious composition for professionals.

Tired of “clean” skincare, the design of which has nothing green about it.

Tired of the extended commercial conditions, which prevent professionals from ordering what they want.

It was the founders of Green Spa, the green brand par excellence, who began to seethe inside, until they expressed their frustration out loud.

And this protest found an echo among other French brands, which shared this same anger.

So, rather than continuing to grumble in our corner, we decided to act.
And we gave birth to Dénicheur de Beauté.

Much more than a simple supplier, Dénicheur de Beauté is an alliance between French brands whose green, fair and clean values ​​transcend.

Dénicheur de Beauté was born from an alliance of passions for clean, Made in France and eco-responsible cosmetics.

A commitment to you, beauty professionals.

A commitment to the planet.

A commitment to your customers.

In short: a complete commitment, alongside high-end and natural quality.

The search for Made in France beauty nuggets for professionals

Before launching our platform, we hit the road.

From small country roads to large national roads that cross imposing cities, we have criss-crossed France.

Our quest, paved with stages in the most beautiful regions, had one objective: to meet French brands that share our values.

Love of nature, respectful compositions, short circuit, local production and commitment alongside professionals: the sine qua non conditions for being part of the Dénicheur de Beauté alliance are numerous.

This demand for quality has led us to select renowned brands, all driven by the passion that drives Dénicheur de Beauté. Today, our catalog is enriched with many brands that offer all types of products for professionals.

And it's a fight against negligence that continues at all times, since the members of our team are always on the lookout for French brands with a green and clean DNA. Because with an ever-expanding catalog, we aspire to allow you to find everything you need.

A single platform to access all the Treasures of Clean Beauty

Much more than Green Gold Seekers, at Dénicheur de Beauté, we are true partners for our clients.

Our purpose is rooted in your satisfaction.

That's why we offer you accessible prices, which guarantee to give you back the purchasing power you deserve.

That's why we select trendy brands, at the forefront of Clean Beauty innovation.

This is why we have set up simplified logistics, which allows you to order from several green companies and receive everything in a single package.

This is why we are committed to providing you with a single delivery note, a single invoice, a single payment.

This is why we have chosen flexible payment solutions, with 100% mobile compatibility.

And that's also why we stand out from other beauty product distributors.

At Dénicheur de Beauté, we don't just find you Made in France products, designed with love for a job well done, respect for the planet and your customers.

No, we go further by bringing them to you on a pretty golden tray.

At Dénicheur de Beauté, we are committed every day by your side.