Your Source of Natural and Committed Beauty.

Beauty Spotter is a group of brands that have had enough of it.

Fed up with obscure composition care.

Fed up with suppliers with overloaded ecological slates.

Tired of seeing professionals working with products they don't believe in.

So we said we were going to do better.

Do better, to make your daily life easier.

And above all, to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Driven by this motivation and this desire for cleaner beauty that is more adapted to the needs of all skin types, our team hit the road.

We went to meet French brands that advocate eco-responsible values , respectful of the environment and the skin of customers.

Between the hundreds of thousands of cosmetic brands that exist in France, we made a big selection ! To keep only the best, and offer them to you on a golden platter.

It is thanks to this involvement and this real treasure hunt that you can order from the 8 most beautiful French beauty and care brands, and receive everything in a single delivery.

Beauty for men, body care, facial care, nail care, jewelry, high-technology for tailor-made care... Each of our brands represents a sector of beauty and well-being, to allow you to make an informed choice.

On Dénicheur de Beauté, you will only find natural , organic , Made in France products that put Clean Beauty in the spotlight.

You too can participate in building a better world!